To do this, we develop solutions and services designed for the wellness and safety of individuals and their families, but also for the neediest and weakest people, such as the over-65s. Through agreements with the Municipalities, we offer home care services for rehabilitation and/or interventions following theft or domestic incidents.
Thanks to our consolidated experience of around 70 years and our network of specialist partners across the whole national and international territory, we are able to offer products ranging from hospital admissions and/or indemnities for members of health insurance funds or holders of medical expenses policies, to support in therapeutic paths for patients of the main pharmaceutical companies, with integrated management of assistance services, therapeutic guidance, booking and consultancy.
For pharmaceutical companies in particular, we provide a very broad “Patient Support Programme” thanks to which we support patients during their treatment, helping them to take their medication in line with therapeutic protocols, training them on self-medication techniques, obtaining drugs and home nursing, or supporting the attending physician in monitoring patients treated at home. This closeness allows patients to benefit fully from the therapy, supporting them in their recovery, and pharmaceutical companies to encourage greater adherence to the therapy, having undoubted positive effects in terms of research and development.
Health & Wellness
International Healthcare cover
  • Medical assistance remotely and at home; medical consultation by telephone with possibility of sending a doctor to the location
  • Teleconsultation; portal by which the customer can request a video consultation to obtain a diagnosis and a medical prescription
  • Temporary inability assistance
  • Wellness: consultancy in sports medicine, rehabilitation following a sports injury, diagnostic assessments, specialist visits, refund of sports equipment if not returned by the air carrier
  • TPA (direct payment of clinics)
  • Home healthcare
International Health
International Health disability cover
If, on the other hand, you represent an international organisation, large multinational and intergovernmental organisation and require international insurance cover in terms of health, life and disability for employees working abroad (expats), please contact our Allianz Care colleagues directly.

We help a wide variety of clients based all over the world. These include: individuals, families and students; multinational organizations; SMEs; IGOs, NGOs and governmental organizations.

Here is what just a few of the many customers we’ve helped have to say:

Testimonial from an Allianz Care customer

“I would like to give a very honest and heartfelt thanks to those who dealt with my recent medical treatment. I needed urgent medical treatment and I was given great care and a fantastic honest service was provided by you. Your company is a REAL life saver! First class. Thank you for taking care of me."

Testimonial from an Allianz Care individual client

“You always exceed my expectations, the company has an extremely fast and competent Helpline, all my requests and questions are handled in a few minutes.”