Our internationally harmonised products and services allow us to offer solutions rapidly, efficiently and coherently across the world, with local adaptations in the implementation phase, in line with our customers' specific needs and requirements.

Services devised and designed to add value at every phase of the customer experience, offering individual or combined products, involving modular solutions that integrate perfectly into our customers' businesses.

The establishment of the new Innovation Centers, which add to the Automotive Innovation Centers launched in 2014, once again represent an explicit affirmation of Allianz Partners' commitment to embracing new technologies and the potential of the digital revolution, through Innovation and Research & Development processes to the benefit of our customers and partners.

These are structures that see interdepartmental teams working closely with external partners to design, test and implement innovative processes, products and business models, bringing to the field the expertise of the best digital technology companies, start-ups and commercial partners in the various sectors.


The Travel Innovation Centre aims to digitalise the customer journey of travellers. The team has recently launched a proactive insurance product, able to initiate claims automatically for customers who suffer delays while waiting in stations or airports.




The Health Innovation Centre works to create advanced proposals of services for life and health. Rapidly growing, thanks to the successful launch of services such as the symptom checker - which guides users through an assessment to detect potential health risk conditions, the team is now working on a global remote consultation video platform.




The Assistance Innovation Centre develops advanced solutions in the Digital Risk and Smart Home fields. It gathers expertise and gives life to pilot projects in sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, Chats and Voicebots, and Blockchains.



The Automotive Innovation Centre is the first to have seen the light. Now a consolidated entity, it is widely recognised for its work in close contact with car manufacturers in strategic areas such as Connected Cars, E-Mobility, self-driving and shared mobility.