We work with a large number of providers across the world, including over 899,172 global medical partners worldwide. We therefore, have the geographical coverage and ability to respond fast to customers’ needs. Combining all these attributes with the assistance expertise of our commercial brands puts us in a leading position to serve our clients worldwide.

Below are the key features that set us as the ‘best-in-class’ and reliable player in the Assistance business.

·         Commercial activities in 76 Countries

·         Serving in 70 Languages so there’s no language barrier

·         65 million cases handled till now

·         89 million calls handled

·         Working with 40+ car brands in 30+ countries

·         21 million km covered by air ambulance

·         40 million texts sent and received

·         12,250 medical repatriations

We constantly ensure that our providers meet the highest quality standards through training, audit, and evaluations. That way, we can be confident that customers receive the very best help, in India. Around 86 million retail and corporate clients in more than 70 countries rely on our knowledge, global presence, financial strength, and solidity.

Allianz’s customer centricity approach promises better service to our customers. We are committed to outstanding customer service and aim to make people’s lives simpler and safer. We handle cases from start to finish. For example, if a customer has an accident abroad we form an emergency intervention plan, notify and deploy the appropriate resources and keep the customer constantly informed. Allianz deploys customer service centers across the globe so that customers have easy access to support when they need it most. We also offer feasible products and services to promote customer satisfaction.

Allianz Assistance automotive products

·         Roadside assistance

·         Accident management

·         Medical coordination

·         Service and maintenance administration

·         Telematics

·         Customer Relationship Management

·         Onward journey

·         Onsite repairs

Allianz Assistance health products

·         Repatriation and evacuation due to illness 

·         Medical and hospital assistance when abroad 

·         In-patient and out-patient expense deposit

          guarantee / cashless services 

·         Tele-doctor medical advice 

·         Online interpretation 

Allianz Assistance health products
·         Medical emergency assistance
Home and Lifestyle
Allianz Assistance home and lifestyle products

·         Home appliance protection

·         Digital risk management and control

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