Press releases 2019


By the year 2040, international travel will have become a faster, easier and more ecologically sustainable activity than ever before and will also deliver a far richer traveler experience. It's predicted that airline passenger numbers will double by that time and facial pattern recognition systems will mean our faces become our passports and boarding passes, while virtual travel experiences, hotel rooms and museums will be commonplace, according to a new report by Allianz Partners.


As the first company to launch full-service online travel insurance claims, Allianz Partners is becoming a true travel protector, and it redefines industry’s standards in the digital age. To anticipate the needs of travelers, and thanks to advanced technology, Allianz Partners is disrupting the role of an insurer. A series of new features, already available in some countries and being implemented around the world, are now completely overhauling the end-to-end travel experience. 


Super-Smart advances in Security, Tech and Entertainment will transform homelife, making homes across the world more secure, convenient and sustainable by 2040, according to new report from Allianz Partners.


Patients want healthcare to be simple and easy, and the digital transformation of medicine promises to deliver better and more accessible care. Allianz Partners is advancing in incorporating digital technology into its health products and services, creating a simplified healthcare journey to support customers at all stages. A highly secure and private teleconsultation service offering is a key component of Allianz Partners' holistic health approach.


Allianz Partners, a global leader in B2B2C assistance and insurance solutions, is proud to support its strategic partner AIWAYS, the Shanghai-based personal mobility provider, on a unique test drive: what is believed to be the longest point-to-point drive of a prototype electric vehicle ever attempted. Allianz Partners is providing road side assistance services over the 14,231 kilometer (8,843 miles) journey, which began on July 17th when two U5 electric SUVs departed from Xi’an, China to arrive in Frankfurt, Germany in early September.


Today’s global organisations are facing numerous human capital challenges at rapid rates. As transformation in society, culture and technology impact heavily the workplace, a strong company culture is becoming increasingly vital for organisational success.

Supporting its continuous transformation and growth, Allianz Partners, a truly global company operating in 76 markets with strong expertise across automotive, health, travel insurance and assistance, has rolled out a series of human resources initiatives to create an innovative and unified ‘one company culture’.

Personalised medicine; stem-cell and nano-scale medicine; gene therapy and digital health will transform healthcare between now and 2040, according to new report commissioned by Allianz Partners. 
Allianz Partners prepares the business for the future as they launch their ‘The World in 2040’ Series
Allianz Partners’ ‘The World in 2040’ Series has been launched today, as part of the Group’s commitment to anticipating customer needs in the years ahead. The Series examines a wide range of future trends and topics that will impact healthcare, home life, mobility and travel over the next 20 years. This includes how robots and automation will transform everyday living, from work to the home; how multiple medical revolutions will improve and extend life; and the potential impact of driverless and pilotless cars, trains and planes. 
  • 2018 revenues : 8.616 billion euros (+1.8% vs 2017 / +5.2% at constant rate)* 
  • Operating profit: 566 million euros (+39.4% vs 2017 / +48.5% at constant rate)*

In 2018, Allianz Partners saw another year of strong results with 8.616 billion euros* in total revenue and an operating profit of 566 million euros*.

Growth is seen as Allianz Partners continued to implement its large-scale transformation program with a drive in innovation, the harmonization of its distribution model and the development of scalable and speedy solutions for partners and their customers.

Sirma Boshnakova will become Chief Executive Officer of Allianz Partners, effective April 1, 2019. Rémi Grenier, CEO of Allianz Partners since 2015, decided to embark on new entrepreneurial activities outside of Allianz Group.

  • Digital short-term insurance and 24-hour roadside assistance for additional drivers
  • Reduction of deductible for additional drivers and test drives

When you want to lend your own car temporarily to friends or family and - most importantly - with total peace of mind, it’s important to have the right insurance. Allianz is providing insurance cover and services tailored for CoverOn, a new digital short-term insurance solution from Daimler Insurance Services GmbH in Germany.