Sustainability has been an integral part of the Allianz corporate culture for many decades, and Allianz takes responsibility for how its decisions and actions might impact generations to come. While resolving all of the world’s issues are important to us. We are especially committed to focusing on three key areas of global urgency:

  • climate change
  • demographic change
  • equitable access to finance.

More information about the Allianz Group's commitment to corporate social responsiblity can be found on the Sustainability@Allianz pages.

In Ireland, we are committed to actively engaging with our community to make a positive difference. We encourage our employees to give something back and we facilitate this by giving them three days a year, in addition to their annual leave allowance, to dedicate to voluntary work. Furthermore, we have created a supportive and dynamic working environment where you can regularly find our employees taking action for causes close to their hearts.