Roadside Assistance

Sometimes getting from A to B doesn’t go as you might have planned. On such occasions, we are here to help your customers continue their journey with the quality of personal service they expect. The origins of Allianz  Partners in Ireland stems from our roadside assistance product and it has been in existence here since 1990.

We are a premium assistance provider for automotive manufacturers, leasing companies, dealer groups and financial institutions in Ireland. Our partners include some of the world's most well-known and well-respected brands and we continue to add value to their business - and their brand - by helping their customers in times of need.

Our universal approach to assistance - throughout the 35 centres we operate in 28 countries - is ‘how can we help?’ The assistance teams we recruit not only have professional skills and qualifications, they are adept communicators. They are accustomed to providing intuitive, emotional support in times of need and will be there always for customers in need.

Our dedicated network of Roadside Technicians are fully equipped with the latest technology and knowledge to complete a roadside fix wherever possible. We have a fleet of highly professional non branded technicians, trained to fix all vehicles makes and models

Our technicians work core hours and are in close contact with our Irish call centres to ensure the customer is given an accurate arrival time.

In instances where a roadside fix is not possible, we have the benefit of using our extensive recovery agent network. Covering the whole of the Ireland, the agents we work with are constantly vetted via our agent approval system to ensure the highest quality and standards of service are met at all times. We have long standing relationships with many of our agents, a fact we are proud of.

Did you know that we created the first truly Pan European Roadside Assistance Programme? It was for Mitsubishi Motors Europe Limited (MME). In doing so, we greatly streamlined their supplier management time and improved their service to Customers.

Mitsubishi was managing a variety of roadside assistance suppliers across Europe. Each had their own culture, performance levels and points of contact. This created some issues, as there was little consistency in how the programme was being delivered to Mitsubishi customers. On top of this, Mitsubishi’s management was spending a disproportionate amount of time coordinating their supplier relationships.

Firstly we listened carefully to Mitsubishi to fully understand the challenges they were facing. Then we examined all possible options. Working closely with them as a team, we designed a solution that involved one central account management resource. This reduced Mitsubishi’s costs in managing roadside assistance, allowed for consistent, time-efficient reporting, and ensured the seamless handling of their customers’ cross-border assistance files. But we didn’t stop there. We also set up a European-level pricing system, which helped to reduce internal administration costs and enabled Mitsubishi to regain financial control of their programme.

Our Motor Sales team are well established and have worked at Allianz Partners for many years.

Contact us to discuss how we can work with you to provide a unique roadside assistance product.