We help when a car breaks down and leaves its driver and passengers stranded on the side of the road. We help when a tourist or a business traveler falls ill or is injured while overseas, or when he/she loses his/her luggage or passport. We help when you need assistance with your home appliance, mobile devices or data protection. Allianz Partners has got your customers covered. 
Allianz Assistance automotive products

• Repatriation and evacuation due to illness

• Medical and hospital assistance when abroad

• In-patient and out-patient expense deposit guarantee / Cashless services

• Tele-doctor medical advice

• Reclaiming of lost luggage

• Dealing with lost travel documents

• Online interpretation

Allianz Assistance health products

• Emergency roadside assistance

• Towing of the vehicle

• Claim report center

• General advice

• Alternate vehicle

• Windscreen assistance

• Auto engine work service assistance

• Car wash and car beauty service assistance

Allianz Assistance health products

• Broken hot water system

• Burst pipe

• Burst tap or showerhead

• Blocked toilet, drain or pipes

• Internal leak from damaged roof or guttering

• Locked out of the house

• Broken external door or window

• Blackout or power failure

• Broken heating or cooling

• Gas leak

We can also tailor make the corporate solutions for you and your clients, please get in touch. Contact us now to learn more.