International Health

Allianz Partners leverages its international and local expertise to promote best practices in health services.

We provide convenient health services to your customers

For a visitor, getting ill in a foreign country, communication barriers are critical. Those barriers sometimes are caused by language, sometimes by cultural differences. To put patients’ minds at ease and ensure smooth communication between patients and doctors, we have assistance coordinators in the 39 major Chinese cities (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) that providing on-spot services including interpretation. For immobile customers, we can send doctors for hotel/home visits or arrange pick-up service. For customers with critical illness, we help to arrange medical second opinions from specialist doctors both inside and outside of China.

We are international experts in medical cost containment

With our medical expertise and provider network, we dedicate ourselves to providing customers with effective and efficient medical services that use standard clinical pathways. This means that we balance the interests of hospitals and insurers to achieve the best medical results for reasonable cost while maintaining high standards of service.

We provide services with strong medical capabilities

With over 14 years of experience in China, we have established a wide network as well as an outstanding team with medical background to serve our customers.

Emergency Assistance

With 23 ambulance providers in China and 9 air ambulance providers across Asia Pacific, we can promise a quick response to emergency requests in all major Chinese cities. For counties our providers can not immediately reach, we can facilitate communication with over 2,300 public service answer points (PSAP) for quick medical treatment.

Hospital Network Management: Allianz Partners China has a wide network of nearly 545 hospitals and clinics located in Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Korea.

Medical Experts: Allianz Partners China has an experienced medical team and assistance coordinators fluent in Chinese, Cantonese, English, Japanese and Korean. Our specialists have over 30 years’ experience in top hospitals, both domestic and abroad. Their rich experience not only ensures professional medical advice that meet international clinical standards, but also a familiarity with international insurance practices.

Health management solutions for employers

Our capabilities in emergency assistance and our extensive network of hospitals allow us to provide you with solutions for your employees not only when they are sick, but also actively promote illness prevention and healthy lifestyles. This helps employers retain employees that are happy, healthy and committed.

We provide convenient and professional insurance and medical services for your pets, which brings you a peace of mind for your pet raising life

Allianz Partners created an all-new pet insurance product for pet lovers in modern cities, to provide an all-round protection for cat or dog pets raised in a family. It covers the compensation for regular medical treatment expenses due to accidental injuries or diseases and the compensation for a third-party personal injury or direct property damage caused by pets. Allianz Partners provides qualified pet chip implantation and medical treatment services for insured pets. We will provide free chip implantation services for the first-time insured pets. We also provide pet caring services and you can choose the routine medical service and nursing service for your pets, to enable you a peace of mind for your pet raising life.


International Healthcare cover
  • International medical repatriation (from China or back to China)
  • Dispatch ground ambulance for emergency nationwide in more than 2,300 cities and counties
  • Doctor / hospital appointment
  • Onsite / over the phone interpretation
  • Cashless medical treatment in network medical facilities
  • International repatriation of remains (from China or back to China)
International Health life cover
  • General medical advice over the phone (by doctor, nurses)
  • Arrangement of hotel/home visit
  • Car pick up service
  • Medical Second Opinion Service
  • Make doctor appointment
  • Onsite interpretation / concierge
  • Cashless treatment within network medical facilities
  • International claims investigation
International Health disability cover
  • Pet health insurance solutions
  • 3rd party liability insurance solutions
  • Pet care services