Allianz Automotive partners with over 40 car brands

We’ve made it our mission to reinforce your customer loyalty

We are China’s leading provider of roadside assistance and customer relationship management services. We work with around 40 car brands incl. premium car brands and 60 financial institutions incl. insurers and banks. We understand the importance of developing stand-out brand loyalty and improving customer retention. Our branded and well-known roadside assistance programs can build, maintain and extend your relationships with your customers to keep you at the front of their mind when they’re ready to make their next purchase. We take this relationship very seriously and like to think of ourselves as the ambassadors of your brand and the values it carries; we want your customers to be your customers “for life”.

We offer tailor-made solutions

No matter if you’re an automotive OEM, importer, dealer, car rental and leasing company, bank or insurance provider, we will do our best to get to know you and how you work. For instance, our solutions can include services like wholesale roadside assistance programs designed to add value to your current offerings, B2B2C retail products that create long-term ancillary revenue for your business. We understand that as your industry, markets and customers change, the solutions you provide them with must also change. This drives us to continually design customized service packages tailored to your specific needs, whether they are for maintenance packages, Telematics or CRM solutions.

Allianz Automotive supports its partners
Allianz Automotive set up the Automotive Innovation Center

Telematics – innovation is in our genes

Technological innovation is one of our constant focuses. We are one of the pioneers of Telematics based call center service delivery in Europe, and we are the first assistance company to offer Telematics based pan-European services. Along with the fast and surging development of Telematics in China, we are leveraging our overseas expertise to act as one of the leading providers for China‘s Telematics industry and a key specialist for E-Call and B-call solutions. 

Extended warranty – a step further for customer retention

Allianz Partners, together with its mother company Allianz, is one of the world‘s leading suppliers of extended warranty packages. We can provide industry leading web-based technology which simplifies the life of dealers. As the leading provider of professional roadside assistance, it is much easier for us to bundle together an optimal combination including roadside service and an extended warranty.

Allianz Automotive supports its partners

Roadside assistance interface for end users – assist you to provide customers with more convenient service

To provide customers with more efficient digital experience is one of the key levers for Allianz Partners. Connected with Hexalite, the interface gives users access via their mobile phones to submit assistance requests, monitor the progress of service, and comment on the quality of the service. It provides a visualization of the entire assistance process. With a single click on a designated button in WeChat, end users can access the interface to request assistance, monitor the location of rescue vehicles in real time, and achieve direct visual tracing of the process and quality of assistance service. The interface greatly simplifies the process, ensuring the accuracy of information and providing an overall better customer experience. Roadside assistance interface can be integrated into B clients’ WeChat terminals as well as their APPs.

travel product
  • Roadside assistance: repair and towing for broken-down/immobilized vehicles
  • Accident management: towing, taxi, repaired car pick-up, legal advice
  • Extended warranty: following factory warranty and used vehicle warranty
  • Service and maintenance administration
  • Telematics: B(breakdown)-call, E(emergency)-call, I(nformation)-call
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): inbound and outbound customer contact activity (telemarketing, customer surveys, loyalty programs, etc.)
  • Digital roadside assistance

All these services can be tailor-made to fit your needs and combined into packages to meet your customer’s expectations.