Allianz Partners provides you with home and lifestyle solutions that bring security, protection and peace of mind.

We offer a complete range of appliance protection, mobile device and digital risks solutions

A customers’ home is one of the most important assets, and loss, destruction or damage can be extreme; shopping itself is very simple, but the after sales service may be complex; home appliances are offered the warranty service by manufacturers, but they may break down after the expiry of the warranty period; while enjoying various conveniences brought by a digital life, you and your customers may also face the risk of cyber identity hacking, data leakage or loss; as the global leader integrating services, insurance and technologies, Allianz Partners can provide you and your customers with a complete range of appliance protection, mobile devices and digital risks solutions.

Appliances and Mobile Devices Protection

From the accidental damage to the appliances in purchasing at the beginning to the extended warranty service beyond the warranty period, we safeguard consumers’ reassuring use with products of all-around life cycle. Covering home appliance, small appliance, mobile devices, single or multiple electrical appliances, the free combined product programs are available for partners to match flexibly. The customized service package enable us to provide customized products for partners and help partners enhance market competitiveness and create ancillary revenue.

Digital Risks

We not only provide partners with appliance and mobile device protection but also the solutions against digital risks. Through a wide range of services, we help partners create unique market value. Through the online banking protection, we can provide protection for the bank account security of our customers; the online shopping protection can give you a peace of mind of goods logistics in online purchasing;

Meanwhile, the data loss protection can avoid the loss of important data due to accidental damages to digital devices; we also provide E-reputation protection and legal support for cyber risks for the high-end customers of our partners, to expand the service diversity of partners and create unique market competitiveness.

Home Appliance Protection
  • Home appliance protection
  • Small appliance protection
  • Mobile device protection
Digital Risk Management and Control
  • Account protection
  • Online shopping protection
  • E-reputation prevention
  • Data recovery
  • Online legal consulting