Press Releases 2017


This October, Allianz Worldwide Partners Greater China and Lechebang jointly launched on-demand roadside assistance services on LeCheBang platform. Lechebang users of nationwide are able to experience best-in-class on-demand RSA services incl. towing, tier replacement, jump starter provided by Allianz Worldwide Partners.


Right now, we know that Santa and his elves are preparing for the year’s biggest day of cheer, but what would happen if he had his sled broken down, got serious illness and ended up in hospital, or had his smartphone stolen while delivering gifts?


Allianz has become the first international insurance brand to offer pet insurance products in mainland China by developing a new comprehensive pet insurance policy – Pet Care, this September.


On December 7, 2017, Allianz Worldwide Partners Greater China held its 9th National Service Providers Conference in Beijing, with the theme of “Dare, Care. Win-Win for the Future”. 

The Conference was aimed at strengthening innovation and strategic cooperation with its providers. The attendees had in-depth talks on the digitalization of the value chain, service innovation, quality management and standardization, etc. Market trends, consumer behavior and expectations as been also extensively discussed during the Conference.


To provide customers with more professional and more diverse roadside assistance services, Allianz Worldwide Partners (AWP), the world’s leading roadside assistance service provider, has acquired the patent for a new motorcycle support stand and thus started a new chapter of motorcycle roadside assistance!


Allianz Worldwide Partners Group, an insurance subsidiary of Allianz Group, is taking advantage of China's economic and digital transformation to quicken its expansion in the Chinese mainland, the company's top management said.


China's digitalization trends and the booming of the country's sharing economy have offered a wealth of opportunities for insurance, services and technology provider Allianz Worldwide Partners (AWP) Group, said Sylvie Ouziel, the company's CEO for assistance, who is responsible for the Asia-Pacific region.


  • 2016 revenues: 7.893 billion euros (+8.5%*)
  • Operating profit: 417 million euros (+55.7%*)
  • Combined ratio: 97.6% (-0.2 points) 
  • Over 17,500 employees worldwide speaking more than 70 languages 
  • Commercial activity in 76 countries
  • 44 million cases and 39 million calls handled


Five years after having been certified as the first roadside assistance company in China with ISO9001:2008 in 2012, Allianz Worldwide Partners (AWP) China now celebrates its roots in professionalism and standardization in roadside assistance with the recent remarkable upgrade to ISO9001:2015.


The 2017 Annual Meeting of the China Automobile Club and the Second Meeting of the China Roadside Assistance Service Industry (the “Meeting”) were held in Kunming, Yunnan, last month. Allianz Worldwide Partners (“Allianz”) took first place among the Top 10 Roadside Assistance Service Providers in China in 2016 and won the Most Influential Brand in China’s Automobile Club Industry in 2016. 


Whether in cars or in homes, on wrists or in pockets, digital technology has become an inevitable touchpoint of everyday life. And yet ever-increasing digitalization goes hand in hand with potential incidents such as data breach, malware, phishing, etc. These are ranked among the top global risks for people as well as organizations. 


Hosted by Allianz Worldwide Partners (AWP) Greater China and Allianz France Accelerator Program, four start-ups from France completed a two-week exploration tour in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen in April. During the visit, they engaged with leading Chinese innovators to learn about Chinese digital, innovation and investment ecosystems


Allianz Worldwide Partners, worldwide B2B2C leader in assistance services and insurance products, and John Paul, worldwide B2B2C leader in concierge services, have signed a strategic partnership agreement allowing unique joint offer developments. Allianz Worldwide Partners’ customers will benefit from a much wider range of concierge and loyalty services, while John Paul’s customers will be offered complementary assistance and insurance services.