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Travellers’ demand for more flexibility is defining post-pandemic travel as customers seek to manage a wider range of potential issues. This is one of the key trends highlighted in the States of Mind Travel Report published by Allianz Partners, a world leader in insurance and assistance services, which assesses the current state and the future of the travel and tourism industry.


Allianz Partners China has been awarded two trophies at the Insurance Asia Awards 2022, Insurtech Initiative of the Year for “Digital Health Assistant” and Marketing Initiative of the Year Award for “Olympic and Paralympic Movements” Marketing Initiatives. Insurance Asia recognizes the conscious efforts of the most outstanding companies in insurance sector in Asia that put out solutions and deliver exceptional value to its stakeholders.


Allianz Partners, one of the world’s leading insurance and assistance providers, has today announced a preferred partnership deal which will see it take on the majority of Aetna International’s health insurance portfolio outside the Americas, Thailand, and India. Customers include large multinationals, SMEs and private families. 


Allianz Partners, a world leader in insurance and assistance services, today announced its full year 2021 results with 6.2 billion euros in total revenue[1] and an operating profit of 256 million euros. Allianz Partners’ solid results in 2021 attest to the quality and value of its services and the resilience of the business, following a challenging 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 2021 marks a return to growth with pre-COVID profitability levels.

Allianz Partners, a leading company in B2B2C assistance and insurance solutions, is proud to be the strategic partner of Lynk & Co for their month-to-month car membership and sharing concept in Europe. The partnership came about in collaboration with Marsh, the world’s leading insurance broker and risk advisor, to identify the right insurance solution to ensure an exceptional experience to customers. Having insurance already included in the membership package, provides peace of mind at a transparent cost to customers.
With the ambition to continuously develop and implement holistic mobility solutions for the peace of mind of drivers, Allianz Partners further reinforces its roadside assistance expertise by adding a new member to its leadership team.
Natacha Bouaziz has joined Allianz Partners as Global Head of Roadside Assistance (RSA), as of July 5th 2021. 
  • Initially launched in Europe, this new service gives customers access to a range of digital health services and medical professionals
  • This digital health offer is part of Allianz Partners’ new Digital Access to Care Initiative

Responding to a growing demand for digital health services, Allianz Partners first launched the new comprehensive telehealth offering in Europe earlier this year. Supported by a partnership with MyDoc, this integrated virtual health assistant is now available in the following markets: Singapore, Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Australia. 


The coronavirus pandemic is far from over. As a provider of emergency medical assistance, Allianz Partners has had to rethink its entire medical operations to overcome the challenges of COVID-19 and continue to support customers in exceptional circumstances. These challenges have included the cancellation of commercial flights, an increase in regulations and travel restrictions, strained local health services, and the requirement for medical teams to quarantine.


Allianz Partners, a leading company in B2B2C insurance and assistance and a world leader in roadside assistance, reaches a new milestone in information security and secure data processing. The Group’s headquarters in Saint-Ouen (Paris) have obtained the prestigious TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certification, a standard defined by the VDA, the German automotive industry association, which guarantees the highest possible level of data protection and know-how against the increasing frequency of cyberattacks. 


To emphasize our belonging to the Allianz family and better leverage the “Allianz” brand power, Allianz Partners refreshed its Chinese legal name as Allianz Partners International Assistance Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and corporate brand as “安联世合”.


The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath will very likely have long-term effects on the automotive and mobility industry. In Allianz Partners’ recent report, remote working is predicted to impact mobility needs and mobility usage patterns, leading to more sharing and flexible mobility as well as to short-term car rental rather than full car ownership. Some car manufacturers expect subscription services to account for 10% of all car sales in the US and Europe, and as much as 50% of some OEM’s revenues in 2025[1]. During lockdown, road travel and public transport usage declined steeply in the short term, and at the same time many people turned to micromobility as an alternative, perceived as less risky than public transport.

Allianz Partners aims at going beyond being a simple insurance and service provider: the group is continuously developing and implementing holistic mobility solutions to meet the needs of its business partners and to provide peace of mind to end customers. Now more than ever, Allianz Partners is working closely with OEM partners, new mobility providers and the whole mobility ecosystem to provide targeted and flexible offerings to help them navigate the new COVID environment. We especially support the accelerated push for flexible ownership solutions, micromobility offers and digital distribution.

Allianz officially began its eight-year worldwide partnership with the Olympic & Paralympic Movements on Jan. 1, building on a collaboration with the Paralympic Movement since 2006.
“Allianz is proud to be the „Worldwide Insurance Partner” of the Olympic & Paralympic Movements,” said Oliver Bäte, Chief Executive Officer of Allianz SE. “As a supporter of the sports ecosystem and through shared core values of excellence, friendship, inclusion and respect, Allianz and our 148,000 employees and 100,000 agents are excited to care and deliver for athletes, their families and their ambitions.”
It is predicted that by the year 2040, the number of road deaths in developed countries will be close to zero, while road traffic accidents will be significantly reduced. Autonomous vehicles will become the norm and smart streets and highways will transform the network infrastructure. That’s according to the new ‘Mobility of the Future’ report from Allianz Partners, which predicts that mobility across the world will become cleaner, safer and more efficient than ever over the next 20 years.
‘Mobility of the Future’ was launched as part of ‘The World in 2040’ futurology series. Authored by internationally renowned futurologist, Ray Hammond, it presents likely future developments and trends expected to transform the global mobility industry between now and 2040. Allianz Partners commissioned the report to help them anticipate the mobility-focused needs of their customers over the coming decades. Allianz Partners is a world leader in B2B2C assistance and insurance solutions, delivering global protection and care, and offers dedicated mobility and insurance products and services to automotive manufacturers and mobility providers through the Allianz Automotive brand. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed our daily lives. There is an increasing demand for health and medical related protection and care. To ensure we support the consumer needs, Allianz Assistance B2C Gateway is officially launched on November 16 to offer A-Z services and protection in mobility, travel, home and healthcare around people’s lives.

Allianz Assistance’s B2C Gateway, as Allianz Partners China’s first comprehensive B2C gateway, covers insurance and assistance products in various life scenarios, including travel insurance, roadside assistance, home assistance, and healthcare services. We aim to bring our best products to consumers and allow them to get protection with one click through WeChat. 
The COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated the digitalization of healthcare services with the demand for remote consultation and advice growing significantly. Digital health technology will become the norm, as the digital delivery of medical services and information allows for convenience, safety, reassurance and cost efficiency. 
Allianz Partners has expanded its range of digitally-accessible healthcare solutions during this critical period to ensure access to healthcare while providing peace of mind to customers. These solutions also include HelloBetter digital mental health support, recognized by the World Economic Forum as one of 15 initiatives globally which are helping address COVID-19 issues and their aftermath.
With one in four adults suffering from mental health disorders, mental health is a major challenge facing businesses today. In its mission to provide access to quality care as quickly and easily as possible, Allianz Partners is announcing a new partnership with digital mental health pioneer HelloBetter, to offer fully digital, scientifically-proven mental health solutions.  
  • 2019 revenues: 6.7 billion euros (+11.3% vs 2018 / +9.0% at constant rate )
  • Operating profit: 240.6 million euros (+22.2% vs 2018 / +18.3% at constant rate1)
  • Combined ratio: 97% (-0.5% vs 2018) 
To enhance the group’s presence in the Asia Pacific region, Vinay Surana joins Allianz Partners as Regional Chief Executive Officer
Allianz Partners announces the appointment of Vinay Surana as Regional Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, effective from the 23rd of March 2020. Based in Singapore, Vinay will lead the Asia Pacific business with responsibility for Australasia, China, Japan, India and South East Asia. He reports directly to Dan Assouline, Global Head of Markets and Board Member, Allianz Partners.
Allianz (China) Insurance Holding Co. Ltd. announced today that the group’s key institutions in mainland China and Allianz SE will jointly set up an emergency response fund to support China’s fight against the coronavirus epidemic.
The initial pledge towards this fund is RMB 4 million (EUR 520,000), coming in part from Allianz SE’s Disaster Recovery Fund and in part from Allianz’s operating entities in China and the region.
The emergency response fund will be managed directly by Allianz (China) Insurance Holding Co Ltd., which is based in Shanghai, in collaboration with the other Allianz operating entities in China and the region, including Allianz China Life Insurance Co. Ltd., Allianz Jingdong General Insurance Company Ltd., Allianz Partners China, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE (AGCS) Singapore and Euler Hermes Consulting (Shanghai).
By the year 2040, international travel will have become a faster, easier and more ecologically sustainable activity than ever before and will also deliver a far richer traveller experience. It’s predicted that airline passenger numbers will double by that time and facial pattern recognition systems will mean our faces will become our passports and boarding passes, while virtual travel experiences, hotel rooms and museums will be commonplace. That’s according to a new report commissioned by Allianz Partners to help them prepare for the travel-related needs of their customers in the future. Allianz Partners is a world leader in B2B2C assistance and insurance solutions, delivering global protection and care, and offers dedicated travel insurance services through the Allianz Travel brand. 

‘The Future Travel Experience’ was launched today as part of ‘The World in 2040’ futurology series. Authored by internationally renowned futurologist, Ray Hammond, it presents likely future developments and trends that will impact international travel and the traveller experience over the next 20 years.