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Allianz Partners China recently landed a deal with FAW-Volkswagen Audi, to provide mobile and valet charging services for the first batch of 2019 FAW-Volkswagen Audi electric models launched lately.

Pre-booking the charging service is flexible and easy-to-use. Owners can book a mobile charging vehicle and specify the time and place to get charged when the battery level is running low. With the valet charging service, drivers can book a butler and specify the time and place to meet and the butler will return the car after charging it at a fast public charging station nearby.  
By the year 2040, new homes will be digital fortresses that will be protected by security systems based on the occupants’ biometrics and facial pattern recognition (FPR) software. Living with robots will be the norm; they will take over many daily household tasks and provide companionship for their owners. Our homes will host virtual entertainment and educational experiences that are fully immersive and interactive. That’s according to a new report from Allianz Partners, to help them anticipate the home-focused needs of their customers in the future. Allianz Partners is a world leader in B2B2C assistance and insurance solutions, delivering global protection and care, and offers dedicated assistance services through the Allianz Assistance brand.
‘Super-Smart Living – The Mid-21st-Century Home’ was launched today as part of ‘The World in 2040’ futurology series. Authored by internationally renowned futurologist, Ray Hammond, it presents likely future developments and trends expected to transform homelife and housing across the world between now and 2040. 
Allianz Partners’ ‘The World in 2040’ Series has been launched recently, as part of the Group’s commitment to anticipating customer needs in the years ahead. The Series examines a wide range of future trends and topics that will impact healthcare, home life, mobility and travel over the next 20 years. This includes how robots and automation will transform everyday living, from work to the home; how multiple medical revolutions will improve and extend life; and the potential impact of driverless and pilotless cars, trains and planes.
Allianz Partners is a world leader in B2B2C assistance and insurance solutions, delivering global protection and care. The Group has commissioned respected Futurologist Ray Hammond to deliver this Series, based on his experience in predicting future trends for almost 40 years. With this Series, Allianz Partners aims to put itself in the shoes of future customers, in order to anticipate their needs and proactively stay ahead of the curve in understanding the trends and innovations that are likely to impact its business.
Allianz Partners, a global leader in B2B2C assistance and insurance solutions, is proud to support its strategic partner AIWAYS, the Shanghai-based personal mobility provider, on a unique test drive: what is believed to be the longest point-to-point drive of a prototype electric vehicle ever attempted. Allianz Partners is providing road side assistance services over the 14,231 kilometer (8,843 miles) journey, which began on July 17th when two U5 electric SUVs departed from Xi’an, China to arrive in Frankfurt, Germany in early September.
Allianz Partners has longstanding experience and a strong track record in the e-mobility ecosystem in terms of insurance and technological expertise. Together with its Automotive Innovation Center, the group is a leading strategic partner for the automotive industry in the provision of insurance and mobility services.
Allianz Partners Greater China recently held its 10th National Service Providers Conference in Hangzhou with the theme "Collaboration and Innovation". It brought together more than 350 participants including professionals and experts from its service providers and organizations across the broad automotive ecosystem in China, including senior-level positions from Allianz Partners and Co-Sponsor Jiangsu Zhongqi Hi-Tech along with top representatives from EVchong, NavInfo, Audatex and Foton Motor.
  • 2018 revenues : 8.616 billion euros (+1.8% vs 2017 / +5.2% at constant rate)* 
  • Operating profit: 566 million euros (+39.4% vs 2017 / +48.5% at constant rate)* 
As living standards improved in recent years, traveling abroad has become a trendy lifestyle for Chinese people. France, Italy, Spain, Germany and other Schengen countries are among their top destinations, whether traveling in a group or on their own. Following a European Union regulation (Decision 2004/17/CE of December 22, 2003), compulsory travel health insurance is required, valid with a minimum cover of € 30,000, to meet any expenses that may arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention or emergency hospital treatment. Travel health insurance should fully cover the period of their stay in the entire Schengen Area.

In response to market developments and client demand for globally accessible innovative solutions for assistance, insurance and technology, Allianz Worldwide Partners China is simplifying its name and becomes Allianz Partners China as of January 1st, 2019. 

This simplified identity supports Allianz Partners Group’s 2020 ambition, and the related strategic initiatives to reinforce its leadership. In stripping back the notion of worldwide from its name, Allianz Partners focuses attention on the global recognition of the Allianz brand, which recently ranked 49th in the top 50 global brands of the world by Interbrand Best Global Brands 2018 Rakings. Already known for its international footprint, the new name also clearly expresses its added value and competitive advantage: co-creation with global business partners from research and development phases to delivering award winning service to the final customer.

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