International Healthcare cover
As a market leader in telemedicine, medical assistance and travel insurance our overriding objective is to create health-related added value for our customers and at the same time reduce costs wherever possible. In this way we are making an important contribution to a modern healthcare system in Switzerland.
International Health life cover
Medi24 is a telemedical advice centre with the status of a Swiss doctor’s practice. An interdisciplinary team of over 120 specialists, including several doctors and carers, provides 24-hour telephone assistance for medical questions in all situations and circumstances. Services are offered in the following languages: Swiss German, German, French, Italian and English.

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International Health disability cover
Allianz Care products and services help SMEs, multinational companies and IGOs, NGOs and governmental organisations to meet the healthcare needs of new and existing insured persons. Private individuals and families have a wide range of international  health insurance solutions to choose from while working abroad.

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You’ll find a close partnership with Allianz Partners worthwhile in many respects. Take advantage of these benefits:
  • You generate risk-free income.
  • You supplement your own service offering perfectly.
  • You increase customer loyalty thanks to more contacts.
  • You increase your turnover through additional sales.
  • You offer your customers a full-range high-quality service and thus create a sense of security and trust.
  • You can offer your customers an additional range of services.
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