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Our Commitment – safeguarding the future

Sustainability has been an integral part of the Allianz corporate culture for many decades, and Allianz takes responsibility for how its decisions and actions might impact generations to come. While resolving all of the world’s issues are important to us. We are especially committed to focusing on three key areas of global urgency:
  • climate change
  • demographic change 
  • equitable access to finance.
From offering green solutions to supporting financial literacy, from promoting diversity in the workplace, to caring for the aged and safeguarding our future through the protection of our most vulnerable children, we are helping to pioneer the way for creating a more sustainable world for all those who will follow.

Many of our local entities have mobilised their staff and resources to support these sustainability goals. In the UK, for example, we partner with Allianz to jumpstart My Finance Coach, an innovative, not-for-profit youth initiative to improve financial literacy and responsibility. 

To support and strengthen its interconnected global family, Allianz Partners champions diversity. For example, our Italian entity promotes MyLight, an initiative that supports the inclusion of visually impaired employees.

We also invest in projects that work towards protecting against the impacts of climate change. On Earth Day, during special “Green Weeks” and throughout the year, staff volunteers help to raise awareness about the importance of saving our resources, limiting waste and reducing our collective carbon footprint at work and at home.